About Sahil Sharma

Sahil Sharma is a renowned psychic from Punjab having more than 5 years of experience. He is currently pursuing his degree in Neuroscience from Harvard University.
He has severe expertise in psychic readings based on Intuition.
Providing clients with the most effective solutions, he utilizes multiple tools like psychic readings, tarot with a greater level of intuitive powers which help him connect with an individual’s energies.

He provides life coaching to girls from various women cricket coaching girl.
He attained the divine knowledge of Vedic astrology from Janet M Parez, He has started this career from Germany.
He has also done a study on Personality Behaviours, type of memories and their effects in an individual’s life.

Our Services

Counselling For Depression & Anxiety

Counselling For Depression, How To Tackle Mental Pressure, Counselling For Anxiety, How To Stop Addiction Habit

Counselling For Relationship

Marital Conflicts, Family Problems, How to stop comparing your partner,Get over a breakup., Counselling For Single Mother, Counselling for Divorced Women

Counselling For Self Confidence

Self-image counselling, Inferiority Complex Counselling, Relationships Impact, Counselling Self Doubt Counselling

Counselling For Work Stress

Deal With Tough Boss, Lack Of Job Satisfaction, Appraisal & Promotional Stress, Deal With Feeling Lonely


Meditation is an open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere.


Tantra is a practical method of art applied to some particular task that is always successful.

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Contact a great spell caster today and worry no more, He is trustworthy and his spell has no side effects, my lover who left and was very angry with me and never wanted to do anything with me anymore changed her mind and  we are living happily together now, I love her so much, all thanks to Sahil Sharma. I love you so much
Thankyou SIR for listening to all my problems patiently and for providing me a wonderful moral support and guidance. Your positivity and humble approach paved the way for removing all the negativity in me. I look forward to implementing all your remedies and coming out successful.